Do you ever feel like your heart just isn’t in it?

Have you ever found yourself feeling burned out in your workspace? Or found yourself shutting down in a relationship, even when you really don’t want to? Have you ever found yourself caught up in some kind of self-destructive patterns that you just can’t seem to break? These problems are close to my heart, because I have struggled with each of them.

These are the scenarios that are tied to wounds that we all carry within us, unconsciously. We all own some kind of hidden baggage like this. But there is a way for us to heal the wounds from the past that interfere with our lives. Dare to enter your unexplored room. Find your heart.

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The Unexplored Room

In his new book on personal work and well-being, Dr. Greg Loewen invites you to imagine a room in your basement full of the experiences, desires, and dreams that you have walled off from your conscious self.  With kind mentorship and gentle humor, Loewen guides you to a place that you have been avoiding. His personal stories are warm, inspiring and each one propels you forward. Loewen is a physician, teacher, and author who has spent his career in academic medicine. From David Bowie to Victor Frankl, he offers insights about an emotional journey that we all eventually face, as our lives unfold. Loewen shares firsthand stories of personal work, as he faced the secrets of his own past, with an invitation for all of us to enter our own unexplored room. It might feel scary, but what you find there will change your life.  You aren’t too busy to read this.

“The Unexplored Room” Examines:

  • Connection and Relationship
  • Recovery and Relapse
  • Emotions and Healing
  • The Human Shadow and Therapy
  • Death and dying

Meet Greg
Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Physician

Greg Loewen is an author, speaker, consultant, and physician with over 30 years of experience caring for patients. He has led lung cancer programs in Buffalo New York, and in Spokane, Washington, and has published widely in the medical literature on lung disease. He has been named best doctor by Best Doctors of America multiple years in a row.  Greg is also a person who has faced personal struggles with things like addiction, relationships, and professional burnout. After doing his own personal work over the past several decades, he now speaks about the powerful experiences that helped him to understand and heal his own shadow material.  Greg lives with his wife Suzi in the southern tier of New York State, and is also an award winning R&B keyboard player.