About Greg

Greg Loewen
Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Physician

I have worked as an academic physician and authored over 70 scientific publications, and have over 30 years of experience caring for patients. I was named Best Doctor multiple times by Best Doctors of America. I am the former director of Pulmonary Services at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, and former director of Pulmonary Oncology for Providence Regional Cancer Center in Spokane, and have served as a faculty member at Washington State University, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, University at Buffalo, and at Pacific Northwest University. In my residency, I completed extra psychiatric training at the Cleveland Clinic, and I also trained as a Shadow Work facilitator in recent years. I love to facilitate men’s work and mentor professionals. I work and write from the southern tier of New York State, where I live with my wife, Suzi.

I became interested in writing about the human shadow after doing personal work with my own shadow material over the past several decades. I am a person who has faced serious illnesses including alcoholism, and I have been in recovery for decades. I have been through divorce several times. These personal challenges are part of what led me to find the powerful and transformational shadow experiences that I describe in my book.

In my book, I have tried to create a picture of personal work in the same way that I might describe a new procedure or treatment for one of my patients. I have written from my heart to describe how, if we do not resist, life carries us forward, asking us to do this work. Although I am a clinical scientist, I am also an ordinary person who has taken an extraordinary journey inward, and this is what has  given me the fire to talk about this powerful exploration that anyone can take.

Greg Is Available For:
  • Workshop Leadership
  • Personal work retreats
  • Speaking for mental health advocacy
  • Workplace culture consultation

“I believe that this is one of those books that comes seemingly out of nowhere, with raw truth and big heart, paired with exceptional writing. I am planning to start with 10 copies and give them to my friends and family, and will have my church take it up as the book of the month.  Not to mention giving it to my coaching clients.”

Samir Selmanović, PhD PCC, Executive and Life Coach,

Author and Managing Director of the Wisdom Workroom.