I will engage with you to learn about your organization and your goals.  My experience with shadow-related personal work will provide a fresh perspective on how you can get to where you want to be.  With interest and expertise in the field of physician burnout, I offer onsite sessions and workshops for personal growth, emotional awareness, and healing the unconscious wounds that fuel addictions and fracture relationships.

A Few Session Topics

  • What You Have Been Avoiding
  • The Risks and Benefits of Connection
  • Healing pain, instead of Medicating It.
  • Rewriting Your Past
  • Disarming Emotional Explosives
  • What is it that Makes Love Stay?
  • What Your Mortality Has to Tell You
  • How to Work on Your Stuff


Services Offered:
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Workshops
  • Consultation
  • Retreats

Contact Greg for speaking engagements, workshops, or to talk to him about your organization’s needs.

I’ve been privileged to share speaking engagements and national radio talk shows, and book signings alongside Greg for the launch of my award-winning book, “Practical Centering”. We’ve also hosted a workshop together at an international Pilates summit. Greg’s generosity is contagious, and everyone feels his all-inclusive energy. His presence is welcoming and he freely shares his own journey. Even the shy participants ask him heartfelt questions. He answers each question with consideration and accuracy, but leaves room for spontaneity. His visual metaphors and allegorical stories appeal to a wide range of learners. He also stays and speaks with every person personally after a workshop. His content is relevant and sorely needed for life today, and he is fearless enough to approach the most difficult topics. His biggest assets are loving humor, with a sense of timing for moments of silent reflection that uplift and provide hope.

Larkin Barnett, B.A., M.A. Dance

Author of “Practical Centering”, Founder of AthleticKinetics Pilates

I have known Greg for almost ten years and we have shared a variety of experiences. I have seen him interact with his patients with the ultimate compassion making every one of them feel understood, heard and important. I have had the honor of working with him in a retreat for college students looking to better understand themselves and gain focus in their lives. We have been part of men’s groups created for personal growth. In groups, Greg always listened and ask questions that would assist the individual man with his personal journey by cutting through the commotion that is so present in our lives, without shaming the man. I have watched him facilitate shadow workshops. He possesses the skills and insights necessary to assist an individual understand those aspects of their personality and history that prevent them from living a fulfilling life. In each of these situations Greg’s kindness and ability to understand the issues are strengths that enables him to work and help a wide and diverse group of individuals. He is patient and is willing to share his own personal life journey to place others at ease and support them on their path of personal growth.

Greg Anderson, MS, MSW